Augeo International SEO strategy announcement

The first step in a strategy of global ecommerce activism has been announced for the Augeo Ecommerce system in the form of plans to introduce a network of native speaking SEO consultants positioned in a number of different countries.
The initiative has two key aims. The first is to allow existing Augeo clients the opportunity to use international SEO techniques to more effectively reach new territories, across borders and bridging language gaps. The second is to build strategic partnerships with SEO consultants in other parts of the world who are looking to bring the benefits of the Augeo SEO capabilities to their clients wherever they may be located.

To plan effective SEO campaigns in a particular language requires a native speaker who fully understands local colloquialisms, relevance of local language search phrases to a marketing strategy, can efficiently plan PPC campaigns and produce optimized feeds in the target language. However skilled an English speaking SEO consultant is, they do not fully understand a target language well enough to maximize the efficiency of an SEO campaign in a particular country.

The idea of bringing 2 or more SEO consultants together to work on a multi-lingual SEO strategy is the logical next step for ecommerce online shops that have saturated the marketing in one territory and now need to find new markets in other countries.

The Augeo Ecommerce System itself delivers any innovative SEO features and requirements that a leading edge SEO consultant can ever wish for – if it’s technically possible then whatever is required is built, in line with specific product-market situations. The key to success with online marketing of ecommerce online shops is to be ahead of standard “last year” techniques. This is where Agile Development Methodologies combined with a flexible programming framework delivered in a lean way can simply put a business ahead.

Phase one of this project will be focused upon Europe and it’s expected that Asia will follow in phase two. For further information or to make contact please click here.

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